Write The Next Line! – Bad Similes

This image is TOTALLY relevant, I swear.

—–The Resulting Poem from Today’s Round: Bad Similes—

His eyes were like
slick oil spills, oozing dark desire like
a goth chick’s emoticons. He smelled much like
the acrimonious sins of fathers waking beneath the apathy of mankind. And when he spoke, his voice was like
the song of a cicada in a sweet Georgia pine, menacing like
the heart of a benevolent spirit, traveling through the dimensions of time like
a little girl in a tutu with both shoes on the wrong feet. Handsome as
tepid coffee and a bowl of soggy cereal on a Monday morning, that one.

If only we could say the same for bad similes.

Guys, that was awesome! Hope you all had as much fun as I did. Give it up for contributing poets Lex, Tony Espino, Sahm King, Lilith Colbert and Emma Snow! This is the last of the poetry prompts The Read Room is doing for National Poetry Month, but I do hope you’ll all keep writing and help me make more creative mischief soon! 🙂

Today’s poetry prompt concludes both The Read Room’s week-long series of Interactive Poetry and my series of practices for National Poetry Month. Sometime next week I’ll aim to make it out to the bookstore and slip the poems I made (transcriptions and blackouts) into books. Yay! Celebrate! I’ll try not to buy too many books while I’m there (IS there such a thing? says the idealist. Um, YES, the wallet replies).

SO, in the spirit of ending things with a flying-crane kick, I saved the best (meaning, the worst, but probably most humorous) prompt for last.

Write the next line in the comments below, following the prompt: Bad Simile. Lines should finish one simile (comparison using the word “like”) and offer the prompt for the next by ending with the word “like”.


Prompt: The woman smoked like

Player 1: bacon burnt to the frying pan. The vice of her grip was like

Player 2: a shark chewing jerky. She seemed troubled, like

Player 3: Taylor Swift when her ex walked in. Etc.

At the end of the day I’ll post the complete poem formed by all the various players. Contribute as many times as you want to and have fun!

Get it? Got it? GOOD!

The simile we will be improving (/worsening, which in its own backwards sense is still an improvement because the original was so spectacularly awful), comes from the Twilight series and originally described Edward’s eyes as “like liquid topaz”. *Rubs hands together and cackles* LET US WRITE.

Your line, first player, is this:

His eyes were like

Write The Next Line! – using the word “part”

—–The Resulting Poem from today’s round—–

The hours erased the stars and day peeled apart from night

a dawning appeared from the aftermath of apartheid.

The fleeting memory of times shared, now a part of me erased

save ghosts and their imparting, which leave my thoughts defaced.

Woo hoo! Great work Joel and Jennifer, and well done also to Lex of Inkiebird and Shawn Bird of her self-titled blog for writing their own poems from the prompt. Thanks for playing– hope you had fun!

Here at The Read Room we’ve been celebrating National Poetry Month with a series of interactive poems written by YOU, the readers! I supply the prompt and you guys do the rest — just comment below and play off the lines before you!

Today’s prompt is Must use the word “part”. Use it however you will: hair part, a part of ~, partition, party, apart, parting, impart, partial, etc. etc. Anything will do. Surprise us!

…And if you can’t figure out how to use part, there’s always the old fallback “pants”.

Here is your first line. Drum roll, please!

The hours erased the stars and day peeled apart from night

Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse III

—–The Resulting Poem from Friday’s Round of Linked Freeverse—-

Awaking to the owl and the moon
An inflatable monk slit his throat –
the air poured out and soon
was a lifeless coat.

Tony Espino, you’re a star! Thanks for contributing not just today but all week. Give it up lads, and check out this poet’s eponymous blog and his book, Orphan of Reality!

If you heard the phrase,

Awaking to the owl and the moon

what would you say next?

Now’s your chance! This week at The Read Room we are writing poems by playing off of one another’s comments.

To play today’s round of Linked Freeverse, you needn’t rhyme or even make sense– just write something to follow the comment of the person before you!

At the end of the day, I’ll compile everyone’s lines and post the full composition. Check out Monday’s and Wednesday’s rounds of Linked Freeverse for inspiration 🙂

Write The Next Line! – Return & Repeat

—–The Resulting Poem from today’s prompt, Return & Repeat—–

The crash of ivory into a thousand pieces
Was the result of minds crashing at right angles
Minds that jangled with a cacophony of thought
Thought in nails, sirens, screeching brakes
Nails our Fathers purchased for our deeds

A hearty thank you to Tony Espino, Lilith Colbert, and Sahm King for contributing! Well done!

In today’s poetry prompt, Return and Repeat, players create lines that include at least one word from the previous line.


On Tuesday the storm was brewing

The brew was a nasty wash

but nothing could wash the dust

of nothingness caked to the roof.

And so on. Contribute as many lines as you like, but try to follow the prompt and play off of the comment before you! I’ll compile the full poem when the day is done.

In the meantime, here’s the real-deal first line to get you rolling:

The crash of ivory into a thousand pieces

Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse II

It’s a Poet-Tea Party!

——–The Resulting Poem from Wednesday’s Round of Linked Freeverse——

The white rabbit hidden inside of the hat
Smoked a zombie corpse down at the laundromat
For this was not your average bunny
In fact he was quite funny
He had a twitch in his knee and a bee in his tea,
He was as mad and as manic as a bunny can be.
Madder than the hatter and the cheshire cat
He drank the tea and the bee, smelled a rat
And reached inside his own frumpy hat
To retrieve not a rat, but a purple bat!

Woo! I love that that round of freeverse turned out rhyming, and I love even more that it became this sort of Alice-In-Wonderland, macabre nursery rhyme! Well done and thanks for playing Tony Espino, runningonsober, Papizilla, kingmidget and Lilith Colbert!

If I were to say to you,

The white rabbit hidden inside of the hat

what would you say back?

Well, now’s your chance– write the next line in the comments below! This week, in honor of National Poetry Month,  The Read Room is hosting a series of Write The Next Line poetry prompts. Today is freeverse: there are no rules to play by, except that you *can* play off of the comments (and lines) before you.

That’s it!  At the end of the day I’ll compile everyone’s lines and post the collective effort.

Well? Have at it 🙂

Write The Next Line! – Couplet Rhyme

——-The resulting poem from Tuesday’s round of Couplet Rhyme—–

On the side of the road was a leathery shoe
Tattered, worn, held together by glue
So I sang and I waltzed and picked up my cobbling tool.
I placed it upon my svelte foot
Wishing, oh wishing for a elegant boot
Or even a Blahnik or Jimmy Choo
Yet here it sits, just a leathery shoe
Alone and mate-less, a pair no more
Where is the other one, boo I say, boo
The luck in finding this one, what more can I ask for
To have two would be twice as nice

And to have Choos would be thrice –

But one shoe must do; though grateful, I am poor.

Thanks to runningsober, Bastet, Papizilla, Lilith Colbert, and kingmidget for playing! We deviated a bit from the scheme of things, but we still had fun, right? I tried to round off our renegade rhyme in the last two lines 😉

We all know and love a good couplet rhyme, right? The old AA, BB, CC– when the rhyme looks something like this, as in The Princess Bride:

Inigo:  Vizzini, he can… fuss.
Fezzik:  Fuss, fuss… I think he likes to scream… at us.
Inigo:  Probably he means no… harm.
Fezzik:  He’s really very short on… charm!
Inigo:  Ah, You have a great gift for rhyme.
Fezzik:  Yes, yes, some of the time.
Vizzini:  Enough of that!
Inigo:  Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?
Fezzik:  If there are, we’ll all be dead!
Vizzini:  No more rhymes now, I mean it!
Fezzik:  Anybody want a peanut?

So today I’m offering a first line and asking you, the readers, to take it away from there. You can post as many times as you like and about absolutely anything– just try to follow the rhyme scheme AA, BB, etc. as we play off of one another! At the end of the day I’ll post the resulting poem here.

Up for the challenge? Here we go…

On the side of the road was a leathery shoe

Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse

——-The resulting poem from Monday’s round of Linked Freeverse—–

A raindrop struck my cheek
then slipped and fell away
my head exploded cake

I’m just assuming that if a head exploded cake, it would be pretty colorful.


Thank you Laura Hogan and Tony Espino for playing! This round was only a few lines, but my, what a turn! Laura, your line was lyrical and elegant, and Tony, yours made me laugh aloud! I’m putting up another prompt tomorrow– feel free to play again 🙂


Hullo poets, bloggers, wordies–

As part of my National Poetry Month practice, this week I am hosting a series of interactive poetry in which YOU, the readers, are also the writers! See the full week’s prompts here.

Today’s prompt is Linked Freeverse. Simply write the line that comes after the comment of the person before you. At the end of the day, I’ll compile everyone’s lines and post the full composition.


  • Play off the line (comment) before you
  • Freeverse means FREESTYLE! Do what you will with punctuation, rhyme, coherence, etc. Stop mid-sentence if you want to; repeat a line if you want to; make every other word SOCKS if you want to!
  • Contribute once or as many times as you like
  • Have fun!!!

A potential starter line (first commenter may use or discard):

A raindrop struck my cheek

Ready? Write away!