Forum Friday: Plot Ninjas

Since today is the start of Nanowrimo, I thought I’d mix things up a little and rather than ask a question, prompt those of you reading this to provide a plot ninja.

What is a plot ninja?

A plot ninja is a random plot twist. “Protagonist finds a note taped to her refrigerator.” “Antagonist is mistaken for a celebrity.” “Portal to Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen opens up in the floor.”

These devices are great for keeping things interesting 10, 20, 30K into a work when either you start to lose steam or you reach a saggy middle section of the story. And the best plot ninjas are the ones that come from somebody else– because they are totally foreign to your story! An injection of fresh blood! Without sounding vampiric or like someone who takes the phrase ‘young blood’ literally.

Help other writers– post a plot ninja in the comments below!