Forum Friday: Craft & Reference Books

The more I experience of novels (reading, writing, and reading about them), the more I am struck by the brimming seas of information and resources out there on novel craft, improving writing, grammar/punctuation, character and story development, etc. etc. etc. ad every element you can possibly imagine related to writing and or publishing a work of fiction.

Since honing our craft is something we can (and should) work on at every stage, for today’s Forum Friday I want to ask: as a writer or novelist, what books/resources have you found particularly useful? These could be books on craft, medical or military or architectural terminology, how to write different age groups or the opposite gender– anything. Let us know below!

To start I’ll posit Stephen King’s oft-cited and aptly-titled memoir, On Writing.

King’s book is part autobiography, part lessons in craft– and often enough the two overlap. It is one of the few books on the craft of writing that I have (to date) read from cover to cover, and I would gladly recommend it to anybody looking to improve their fiction or even basic written communication skills.