What are you doing for your writing?

Today’s Forum Friday question is simple:

What are you doing for your writing?

Writing is a long-term journey. Since I started striking out on the path I’ve realized just how much work is ahead of me: finding an agent. Making myself appealing to an agent (writing short stories, getting short stories published, building a platform, etc.). Finding a publisher. If all else fails, self-publishing and promoting like the dickens.

Since almost all of these steps are long-term processes, I’ve tried to arrange my writing efforts into more tangible, short-term goals that I can use as stepping-increments. For example, to improve my short story writing (with the long-term goal of getting short stories published, with the longer-term goal of having publication credits) last month I read a well-known short story every day.

As always, of course, there is probably more I could be doing for my writing or more creative ways in which to do it.

So I wonder: what specific, short-term writing goals do you have, and what are you doing to achieve them?