Forum Friday: What has the Nano experience taught you?

Just one more day of November and the madness that is Nanowrimo!

Whether you’ve reached the magic 50,000 or not– whether it’s your first time doing Nano, your twenty-first, or you heard what Nanowrimo was and ran away screaming in terror– with every draft comes experiment, progress, and lessons.

So what did you learn? What has Nanowrimo taught you (this year, collectively, or otherwise)?

Forum Friday: Learned in Reading

A writer is always learning, always improving his or her craft. And one of the first ways that we do this is through a well-rounded literary diet. We learn from what we consume!

So for today’s Forum Friday, I’m asking readers and writers: What is something you have recently learned (in terms of craft, grammar, story-telling, style, device, or any other literary element) from your reading? If you fancy, share the book and/or pages in which the revelation occurred!