Spooktober Reading Bingo

In honor of October and open spooky season, I’ve put together a reading bingo for all things horror and Halloween. If you enjoy sinking your fangs into a good scary story, this card is for you!

Available in four designs (click image for full size, which should print as 8.5 x 11in):

Spooktober Bingo - v3 Spooktober Bingo - v4

Spooktober Bingo - v7 Spooktober Bingo - v2

Remember, your mark-off options don’t stop at books: short stories, poems, and even internet articles can count, too! Alternatively, swap out “Reading” for “Story” and you can use even more mediums: movies, video games, Halloween episodes, etc. Get creative, and most importantly: have fun!

Homemade Calendar – October

calendar - october 2014

Here is October!

November will include more revising, more planning the next project, and a couple little side things for fun. Also, though I’m not doing Nanowrimo myself this year, I plan to attend some write-ins and keep posting #nanowritetips each day on Twitter and Tumblr.

What will you be doing this month?