Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse II

It’s a Poet-Tea Party!

——–The Resulting Poem from Wednesday’s Round of Linked Freeverse——

The white rabbit hidden inside of the hat
Smoked a zombie corpse down at the laundromat
For this was not your average bunny
In fact he was quite funny
He had a twitch in his knee and a bee in his tea,
He was as mad and as manic as a bunny can be.
Madder than the hatter and the cheshire cat
He drank the tea and the bee, smelled a rat
And reached inside his own frumpy hat
To retrieve not a rat, but a purple bat!

Woo! I love that that round of freeverse turned out rhyming, and I love even more that it became this sort of Alice-In-Wonderland, macabre nursery rhyme! Well done and thanks for playing Tony Espino, runningonsober, Papizilla, kingmidget and Lilith Colbert!

If I were to say to you,

The white rabbit hidden inside of the hat

what would you say back?

Well, now’s your chance– write the next line in the comments below! This week, in honor of National Poetry Month,  The Read Room is hosting a series of Write The Next Line poetry prompts. Today is freeverse: there are no rules to play by, except that you *can* play off of the comments (and lines) before you.

That’s it!  At the end of the day I’ll compile everyone’s lines and post the collective effort.

Well? Have at it 🙂