NaPoMo, Day 17: spaces, faces, conversations

spaces - blackout 4.16

Today another blackout poem, but first an announcement: the ART PAGE of my website is now up! It’s still under construction (I plan to keep adding to it/changing it over time) but I’m really pleased with how it turned out and excited to have a splash of color on my pages 🙂

Here is the text of the poem above:

spaces, faces, conversations

and out of the dirty white fog

was a world:

dark spruce,

rainstorms, and


rather than loneliness.

I added a few commas and used paint pens instead of sharpie– check out that ritzy gold! And what kind of pink is that– flamingo/strawberry milk? My my my, I think I’ve unwittingly created the flag for a Racecar Barbie.

Another poem tomorrow.