10 Reading/Writing Goals for 2015

  1. Read 52+ books.
  2. Attend 3-5 readings.
  3. Beta read for at least two new people.
  4. Read at least one new book on the craft of writing.
  5. Freewrite and do more exercises when not actively novel writing.
  6. Revise Project A until next stage.
  7. Revise Project B until next stage.
  8. Plot, research for, and begin writing new book. Ideally finish first draft this year (though that may depend on how/where things go with A and B).
  9. Pursue new experiences (which feed the pen).
  10. Volunteer at local book festival.

10 thoughts on “10 Reading/Writing Goals for 2015

    • Hahaha, GOOD! Keep me accountable! I’m not sure what those new experiences will entail yet (beyond learning more about tarot cards, which have intrigued me ever since I researched them in passing for a book) but probably not skydiving ;). Maybe a class, maybe travel. Maybe some on-the-scene/shadowing research for things I want to write about.

      Ooh, myth and legend! I’ll have to keep an eye out for your posts. I love the old stories.

  1. Good goals – thanks for sharing. I especially like #3 – beta-reading is a great thing to do for another writer (and have done for you) so to consciously make time for it is admirable, especially since it can be time-consuming. I should do more of that two.

    One question: are these goals in some kind of order, e.g. priority? Or just as you thought of them?

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