Homemade Calendar – November

nov 2014 calendar

Ok, I admit it: It’s become more about the art than crossing off the days. Which is great for getting in a minimum of one art project a month, but not for observing the date. I think next year I’ll go with a more practical calendar.

December is always a variable time of year– lots going on, people visiting, normal processes interrupted. I can say with certainty there will be reading, revising, guitar, and French for me, though it is difficult to say how much. I also recently bought a deck of tarot cards (I’ve been interested in learning more about them ever since some research I did for a story) and hope to start acquainting myself with reading basics in the coming weeks.

In other news: as of last month I completed one of my biggest goals for the year, which was to read 52 books, or roughly one a week! And there’s still several weeks to go…(Here I come, Landline and Thieves of Manhattan.)

What will your end of year activities look like?

8 thoughts on “Homemade Calendar – November

  1. I’m headed for the U.S, visiting my GF in NC so that’s going to be huge for me. Not sure how I’ll handle a mild climate Christmas, haha.

  2. Congrats all around for completing your goal of reading 52 books in a year. Good for you. My year end goals are to make progress in my 4 WIP (yes, I’m juggling, but with no definite deadline) and eat far fewer sweets.

  3. Wowza…52 books, you put me to shame! I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to read more this year, but with writing, editing, and blogging all the time, it’s tough to squeeze it in.

  4. Haha! Yes Julie, the one thing I ask of an office calendar is that it has space to write stuff on. Yours is great as a work of art.
    52 books? Like Britt I can’t imagine that – maybe 12-15 this year for me.
    I take no notice of Christmas but I might take a few days break in England, change of scenery.

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