Homemade Calendar – October

calendar - october 2014

Here is October!

November will include more revising, more planning the next project, and a couple little side things for fun. Also, though I’m not doing Nanowrimo myself this year, I plan to attend some write-ins and keep posting #nanowritetips each day on Twitter and Tumblr.

What will you be doing this month?


4 responses to “Homemade Calendar – October”

  1. Love the calendar’s design -:)!

  2. Not sure that’s the most practical of calendars though I love the posed photo. My first go at NaNo and am keeping pace whilst preparing for book launch on 1st Dec.

    1. Certainly not the most practical to color in day by day! (I may have cheated on that count.)

      Good luck with Nanowrimo! I’ll look forward to seeing what you make of it. Both the same go for your book launch πŸ™‚

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