Guys, it’s happened.

I have dreamt of being an author since grade school. For the last two and a half years I have worked at that dream aggressively, every day writing or reading or researching (or all of the above) in efforts to tell a good story, improve my craft, and start a career.

Today I am thrilled to announce that that dream just became part reality: I signed a contract.

I am now officially an agented author, represented by none other than the incredible Susan Hawk of The Bent Agency!

There is still much to be done before I can hold a printed book in my hands—revisions, submissions to publishers, and, if I’m lucky, even more revisions—but that’s okay. Today I am grateful and happy and proud just to have reached this crest in the journey. It may be a long way to the top of the mountain, but the view from here is pretty sweet.



44 thoughts on “Chapter Awesome: IN WHICH JULIE GETS AN AGENT

  1. HUGE Congratulations!! Your hard work has paid off and you can continue your journey to success now! Really happy for you! xx

  2. Yeeeeesss!! Get in! (A phrase beloved by Brit soccer fans when a goal is scored). You have absolutely earned that by pure hard work and persistence Julie Israel. Bloody well done and you ought to know that I’m proud of you even though I only know you online. Go and get drunk then smile some more and settle down into what I hope will be a great career 🙂

    • Aww, thanks, Roy 🙂 That means a lot coming from someone who’s been following my blog (and subsequently, my roller coaster author endeavors) as long as you have. Internet high five! Or perhaps a transatlantic cheers, as I do think I’ll be treating myself to some fancy wine 🙂

      Also: thanks for teaching me so many British and Irish phrases! Love it.

  3. Wow! Amazing news. So, so pleased for you! (In fact, little confession – your news brought a tear to my eye, that’s how excited I am for you!l
    You’ll have to share the process from here on in!
    Cat x

  4. I’m tempted to copy/paste the entire email I just sent you because, as someone who had the pleasure of reading your WIP, I want everyone else to know how deserved this truly is. You’re incredibly talented and I’m so excited for you!

  5. My most sincere and warm congratulations! Ah that is just so exciting I’m actually smiling for you! It’s been ages since I’ve been on wordpress so I’m glad I logged in to see this.

      • My only news is that a literary magazine have me editing a story which they maybe will publish – nothing as exciting as this!
        I’m keeping pretty well 🙂 I must catch up on the rest of your blog now…

        • WOO! That’s awesome!!! Don’t sell yourself short– that’s way exciting! (The closest I’ve ever come to getting a story pubbed in a lit mag was when the editors liked it, and held on to it for some time, but ultimately decided it was too long.) Keep us posted. Fingers crossed for you!

      • Hi Julie,
        Yes it has been a while – but blogging world is great like that – I just pop over to yours and here we are -:)! I am still writing for the Lantern and working on some longer pieces too, planning to send some to Literary Magazines! I see you are doing great – well done -:)!

        Take Care,

    • ❤ Bless you, Emma, you are such a sweetheart! 'Soon' may still be quite a ways off (lots of hoops left to jump through, including selling the manuscript to a publisher)– but your encouragement brightens my day as always!! 🙂

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