Homemade Calendar – April

april 2014

Materials for April’s homemade calendar page include colored Sharpies, one silver Galaxy marker, and a blue poster paint Sharpie.

I swear I entered a timewarp this month– I can’t believe April is over already! My WIP went through another 2-3 drafts, with material added, cut, rearranged, and tightened and the word count fluctuated from 87 to 94 back to 89k. Queries are just around the corner and I can’t wait!

Still mapping my goals and focuses for May. I do know the month will include starting to write a new book I have been planning for some time, and which I am fiendishly excited about!

What are your plans for the month?

2 thoughts on “Homemade Calendar – April

  1. I’d like your calendar on my office wall though it’s a bit difficult to write stuff on. I’m sort of becalmed awaiting feedback for my m/s at a Writing Festival in June. Maybe it’s a good time to try some short stories.
    Yes it’s a nice feeling getting ready to start a new novel.

    • Yeah, I have to keep a separate planner to actually write notes in, but this has been a fun project to help me keep track of monthly focuses and where I am (I’ve been coloring in the days as I go– like crossing them off).

      Short stories are a great exercise between books! In fact, I might dust off and wrap up a couple before I start the next book myself!

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