Homemade Calendar

Inspired partly by a friend’s homemade calendar and partly by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, this year I decided (albeit not until February) to make my own 12 month calendar to set goals and monthly focuses. Goals would be short-term, one-time tasks: write a letter. Read 4 books. Do X errand, memorize Y poem, try Z recipe. Month-long focuses would be either project-related or, drawing from Rubin, something I wanted to devote more time to.

It was these– the extracurricular focuses– that I was really excited about. These were the things that drove me to make this calendar. Mostly, they’re things I’ve been wanting to learn more about or learn to do better forever, and have always told myself I would, but never made the time to. Things that interest me, fascinate me, or would simply be useful to know: how to dream lucidly. Read Latin. Apply better, more professional makeup. Create ciphers. Analyze handwriting. Grow rosemary and saffron. Long have I meant to look up the latest fashion trends, learn all the guitar scales, study body language. Etc. ad infinitum. There is much to be said for letting Interest be your guide, and, in addition to enjoying the activities themselves, I could easily see any of these things finding their way into my fiction.

This is what my first month ended up like:

february 2014_0001

I used soft pastels to mark off the days, coloring each box as I went. This month I may try something else.

The rest of the calendar follows the same general format through December: large chart for days (just right for the stickers I’m imagining for Nanowrimo and other word count jaunts), space on the right for listing goals and focuses, and of course an artistic splash of pictures, relevant or impulsively chosen.

Do you keep monthly goals or focuses? What are you working on this month?

Oh, and one last perk to keeping this style of calendar: Since I knew I wanted to share my completed February (i.e., on my blog), I made sure to complete all the goals I listed first. One of them I’d been putting off, but having that accountability motivated me to wrap it up on the last day of the month!

6 thoughts on “Homemade Calendar

  1. I love that one of your goals at some point will be to learn how to dream lucidly. I’ve had lucid dreams only about 2 or 3 times, and it was awesome. I didn’t know that it was anything but chance. I want to learn!

    • Yeah! I’ve had lucid dreams before, but I wasn’t really aware of what I was doing or how I took control. Apparently there are ways to train yourself to recognize dreams as you’re sleeping and then, when you do, they become lucid.

  2. I ended up buying a calendar with an interior design magazine at the beginning of the year and it’s full of DIY tips as well as a space for a list of goals – not as pretty as yours though! I also use it to write down things I’ve done each day, so I can look back at what I’ve achieved each month. Our wedding invitations are on March’s list – so many options!

  3. Love the way you harness your creative talents and use them to be even more productive. You direct your life whereas most of us wake up and wonder what the world is going to throw at us today 😦 Body language eh? Must read upon that.

    • Weeelllll, I’m no master, but since I’m trying to go an independent and self-managing route I figure it helps to have certain structure. Also, if I SET time to devote to the extracurriculars, I know I’ll finally get to them!

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