Words of the Week 2/26/2014

The week’s words:

sumptuous adj. luxurious; splendid and expensive-looking

vagary n. an unpredictable occurrence or behavior; caprice

complicity n. the state of being an accomplice; partnership or involvement in wrongdoing

nickelodeon n. a jukebox operated by nickels; an early theater where motion pictures or variety shows could be seen for a nickel

torpid adj. inactive or sluggish; dull; lethargic

The sentences:

  1. The summer heat made everyone torpid. Even the annoying neighbor kids lay panting in front of the air conditioner, and could not be bothered to get up for the ice cream truck.
  2. Being friends with Georgina was hazardous. Her vagaries took the girls everywhere from drugs to break-ins to late night taste-testing at McDonald’s.
  3. If I had a nickelodeon for every time my desired username was taken, I could sell my basement to American Pickers (and make a hell of a lot more than nickels).
  4. The Duchess of Frillia snobbishly refused all but the most sumptuous of clothes, decor, food, and suitors. If it wasn’t imported or didn’t come with diamonds it was promptly sent back where it came from.
  5. Serena was found guilty of complicity with Georgina for conspiring to steal the Duchess of Frillia’s black diamond Jimmy Choos.

Fancy a sentence? Have your own words this week? Share below!


2 thoughts on “Words of the Week 2/26/2014

    • AHH, I love it! I have a strange fondness/nostalgia for Muppets even if they were a little before my time. Or maybe the song was just so vintage-feeling and catchy that was what triggered the feeling!

      Aaaand you’re probably right about googly.

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