Words of the Week 2/19/2014 – Divergent Edition!

Every week I draw five words from a vocab jar (words found in books, short stories, or other reading) and challenge myself to use them. Usually that means in sentences, but I like to keep things interesting.

This week I challenged myself to use all five words in sentences related to Veronica Roth’s Divergent, one of my current reads. Results below.

Warning: may contain spoilers!

The words:

hermetic adj. airtight; protected from outside influences

doughty adj. steadfastly courageous

impetus n. the force, energy, or momentum with which a body moves; the force that makes something happen or happen quickly

wig-wag v. to move back and forth; to wag steadily or rhythmically

congenial adj. pleasant; agreeable because suited to one’s own taste or interests

The sentences:

  1. When Tris observed that the lock was outside the Fence that ran around the city, she could not help but wonder: were its residents hermetic, or imprisoned?
  2. Tris may have been small, sheltered, and sorely lacking in muscle, but everyone’s expectation that she would fail instead became an impetus to succeed.
  3. Many of the sixteen-year-olds declaring their lifelong faction hesitated at the Choosing Ceremony, conflicted between two options, but at least no one physically wig-wagged between them.
  4. Generally the different factions got along, but there were some– a duplicitous Candor, for example– whom almost no one found congenial.
  5. Only the doughty could be Dauntless.

4 thoughts on “Words of the Week 2/19/2014 – Divergent Edition!

  1. How cool?! I’m reading this book this month too 😀 How has it been for you so far? Don’t tell me where you reach cause I’m not there yet (the fact that I haven’t seen those words yet, lol)

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