Words of the Week 2/12/2014

Having recently discovered Photoshop’s type mask tool, for this week’s edition of Words of the Week the spheres of art and language cross. Enjoy– and always, feel free to contribute your own sentences!

The words:

vesture n. clothing

vocab 2-12 vesture

bibulous adj. excessively fond of drinking alcohol

vocab 2-12 - bibulous

lurid adj. vivid in color; unpleasantly harsh

vocab 2-12 - lurid

emaciated adj. gaunt from disease, hunger, or cold

vocab 2-12 - emaciated

sidereal adj. of/related to the stars

vocab 2-12 - sidereal

In sentences (narrative style!):

Aunt Joan was an Olympic critic to begin with, but her bibulous tendencies made her penchant for complaining even worse. She found fault with everything.

“Those girls look emaciated,” she observed distastefully, frowning at the stars of Pretty Little Liars between glasses of pinot noir. “And what are they wearing? That one,” she said, jabbing a finger in accusation at a girl’s vesture, “What color is that? Vomit? Radiation? I’ve never seen anything so perfectly lurid.”

The girls she was minding looked in exasperation to the ceiling and sidereal elements beyond it, praying that Aunt Joan’s next glass would lull her to sleep.


5 thoughts on “Words of the Week 2/12/2014

    • Using the type mask tool? Not at all! If you have Photoshop you can find it right on the toolbar under the T for Text (push shift+T repeatedly to toggle through options until you get to ‘Horizontal Type Mask Tool’). Start with a photo or image and just type over it. Then, once the text is typed, if you select inverse you can delete the rest of the picture so just the text remains.

  1. Love sidereal and must try to use it somewhere in editing my WIP.

    illimitable, adj, boundless. ‘…the ladies retired to the laundry where families of tea-pots stewed on the long bars of the fire,and Mrs Mahoney cut up mighty ‘barm-bracks’, and the tea-drinking was illimitable.’ (The Irish RM, Somerville & Ross).

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