Words of the Week 2/5/2014 – GIF Quiz Edition!

All right. This week’s draw of words from the jar lends itself quite nicely to ridiculous GIFs, so now we’re going to have some fun.

The words:

conciliatory adj. intended to pacify

keep something on the QT v. QT being “quiet.” I have always heard this as “keep something on the DL,” with DL being “down low.” Both seem to mean the same thing: keeping something discreet.

epicurean adj. having luxurious taste/excessive indulgence, especially in food and drink

haute couture n. French, directly translating as “high seam”; means high fashion

histrionic adj. overly theatrical/dramatic



Match the words above to one of the GIFs below. Play for fun or comment your answers. Bonus points for sentences and creative explanations!







2 thoughts on “Words of the Week 2/5/2014 – GIF Quiz Edition!

  1. Love the Kermit woman – no chance of someone else turning up in the same outfit.

    Metatarsal, n. Any of the five long bones that form the anterior portion of the foot (and unheard of until David Beckham broke one).

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