Words of the Week 1/29/2014

Happy Wednesday! Here are this week’s words:

penitent (n.) a person who repents of sin/wrongdoings

abominable (adj.) causing moral revulsion; very unpleasant

equable (adj.) not easily disturbed; calm and even-tempered

depredation (n.) attack or robbery

auscultation (n.) listening to the heart, lungs, or other organs via stethoscope or other instruments

The sentences:

  1. Even villains can be redeemed if they are true penitents and make amends for their actions.
  2. Why is the yeti called the abominable snowman? Does it eat people? Is it not a penitent? Or is it simply such a sad, hairy excuse for a snowman that people are actually offended?
  3. Georgina was more equable than her brother; she watched the thunderstorm from the window, fascinated, while he hid under the kitchen table and clutched his Care Bear.
  4. Depredation had not been an issue since Nana took up jiu jitsu.
  5. Could music be composed using only sounds detected via auscultation? I sense a new Bjork album…

Gee, I’m really not so bad…


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