Words of the Week 1/22/2014

This week’s words are:

repose n. temporary rest

gendarme n. an armed police officer in France and other French-speaking countries

duly adverb. following procedure or what is appropriate; as might be expected

parsimony n. extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources

alms n. money or food given to poor; anything given as charity

Those who practice parsimony are less likely to give alms to beggars on the street.

As his supervisor entered the office, the gendarme duly concluded his desktop repose and wiped croissant crumbs from his mustache.

Incidentally, Twin Peaks (pictured above) is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time.


4 thoughts on “Words of the Week 1/22/2014

  1. Is repose temporary? Maybe in Oregon 🙂
    Garda n, pl. Gardai, Irish equivalent of gendarme.
    Contrary adj. 5th definition kon-TRAIR-ee – perverse; stubbornly opposed or willful (often levelled at me as a child)

    • Ooo, thanks for sharing Garda/Gardai! How is that pronounced? (I am wary of Irish pronunciation…the way I sound it out is usually wrong!)

      Interestingly enough, I think I first picked up ‘repose’ in the French classroom. The teacher used it to mean ‘break’ as in ‘a 10-minute break.’

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