Writing Withdrawal: Day 11

It’s been 11 days since I finished first revisions of a book and sent it to readers.

I’m starting to feel it.

While I haven’t done a lick of story-related writing, I have been chipping away at the outline of a new book. Which is good. But unearthing the pieces and trying to fit them together is such slow, unpredictable work (The work may be counted on; progress is fickle)– I’m just left restless and impatient and itching to write!

In the meantime, I’m going to revel in my restlessness. The hunger to write tells me two things: 1) that I have found work that satisfies, compels, and is otherwise right for me, and 2) that something in me has changed. There used to be a time I would hear other people say that they wrote because they had to. There could be no other way. And while I still feel there are other ways, I better understand the notion– and feel with ever-growing conviction that writing is the one for me.


11 thoughts on “Writing Withdrawal: Day 11

  1. Congratulations on 1)finishing your first revision of Juniper Lemon, and 2)reaching the point when you feel like you HAVE to write. The same thing happened to me last month when I finished my first draft of my WIP. I was excited to take a couple of weeks off, but after a few days, I felt wrong, like something was missing. I got so restless over my holiday break that now I’m SO excited to be back to my routine. It’s a wonderful feeling.

  2. Oh god, I look like the cookie monster right now – and I have no cookies to console myself! Fingers crossed at the weekend I can cram in some writing between shopping for some new lights and a fireplace, a wedding preview night and wedding fair the following day

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