Words of the Week 1/15/2014

This week’s words are:

asperity n. harshness of tone, manner, or condition

vigil n. a period of wakefulness during time usually spent asleep; a peaceful demonstration in support of a cause

governess n. a woman employed to teach children in a private household

besprinkled adj. exactly what it sounds like. I just love the word.

satyr n. a lascivious man; a lecher

The sentences:

  1. Casanova was a notorious satyr.
  2. Oscar Wilde’s work is unfailingly besprinkled with humor and aphorisms.
  3. Holly declined the invitation to the Raging Skulls concert, claiming she didn’t go for asperity. Or face ink.
  4. Jane Eyre was the original governess.
  5. Midnight vigils spent on creative projects are fun; vigils during finals weeks are not.

2 thoughts on “Words of the Week 1/15/2014

  1. I never knew ‘satyr’ had the second (though somewhat connected) meaning that you give here.
    Here’s a fun one – ‘intime’ vb. French (AN-teem) – intimate, cosy. Used a couple of times to describe dinner parties by Lillie Langtry in her autobiography.
    ‘Buffoon’ n. jester, clown. Love using it as a derogatory to various…buffoons 🙂

    • I am so often surprised by the multiple definitions words can have (especially outdated ones). And thank you, Roy! I am glad to see what words others are learning…particularly when they can add to my French lexicon!

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