Words of the Week 1/8/2014

This week’s words are:

plexus (n.) a network of nerves or vessels in the body; an intricate/weblike network

coup de main (n.) French — a sudden surprise attack, especially during war

sheepskin (n.) [slang] a high school or college diploma

badinage (n.) humorous or witty conversation

prognosticate (v.) foretell; prophesize

To make things interesting, match this picture with one of the sentences below.

  1. Dude, you need your sheepskin to work just about anywhere these days: in fast food, retail– even at the Banana Stand!
  2. Many make barbs, but few Colbert guests can hold their own in a game of badinage.
  3. The weatherman had hit his midlife crisis. One day he prognosticated rain, a divorce, and excrement on his boss’s desk.
  4. Clarissa delivered the ultimate coup de main when she stuffed her ex-boyfriend’s locker with all his closet Bilieber memorabilia.
  5. At night the city was a plexus of lights.

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