Forum Friday: Writing resolutions for 2014

Happy last Friday of 2013! Today’s Forum Friday comes with an announcement: Starting 2014, I will be writing this segment irregularly. That is, I’ll continue posting Forum Fridays when I have thoughtful, amusing, or otherwise meaningful prompts to share, but not every week. Maybe not even every other week. I started Forum Fridays close to a year and a half ago, back when I was a first-time novelist and had a lot of questions about writing books and how other authors handled various intricacies of the process and craft. Now I am both more experienced, and have exhausted what was once an extensive store of writing-related questions. Though I’m still very much a novice in the grand scheme of things, I do not wish to repeat questions I have already posed, questions that have been done to spontaneous combustion, or questions that have been answered well elsewhere.

However, in lieu of Forum Friday I plan to begin a new weekly segment to do with vocabulary. I am always writing down and looking up words, even making crib sheets for myself to print out and practice with, but I never manage to sit with the words as much as I’d like. I figure a weekly practice will help with that, and could result in prompts, illustrations, and sentence-crafting mischief for You, my fabulous readers. Haven’t worked out the details completely, but I plan to play with it and make it fun.

Until then, today’s prompt: What reading- and/or writing-related goals are you setting for 2014?

2 thoughts on “Forum Friday: Writing resolutions for 2014

  1. Trouble with words is you can’t force them. One’s work looks mad if you start throwing in new discoveries. How to make them seem natural is the trick and I suppose that only comes with reading widely.
    Moi (1) polish up my present WIP and, for the first time, hawk it around a few agents (2) begin to develop a stage play based on a favourite novel (3) when/if inspiration strikes, commence a fifth novel.
    All the best with your writing in 2014 Julie.

    • Excellent goals, Roy! Submissions, a stage play, AND another novel (a fifth, no less)? Exciting business! I’ll be rooting for you. All the best with your goals, and thank you as ever for your support 🙂

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