If you want a proof copy of your book to edit by hand…

OK guys, I’m pretty frugal, but I also love editing by hand, so I had to share this:

I just got a good-quality, perfect bound proof copy of my manuscript FOR FREE (well, I still had to pay shipping) from Lulu. Lulu is a printing and publishing service, but if you set a book/project as private you can print unpublished single copies for editing purposes, which I did.

How can you get a free proof copy of your book? Well, I can’t guarantee yours will be free, too, but the coupon code I used, “BOOKWORM,” is good for $10 off your order. And my book (192 pages single spaced) was $9 something, so after the discount all I had to pay was shipping.

That’s pretty dang cool if you ask me, considering you even get to design your own cover (either with Lulu’s own wizard or with the likes of Photoshop) and they print it in color. I made mine in Photoshop, of course 🙂

Look for a picture of my proof copy soon– I’ll be posting it ASAP! Before it’s marked with red pen, of course…


19 thoughts on “If you want a proof copy of your book to edit by hand…

  1. Hi Julie! Wow that sounds awesome! I too like to print copies of my books out for editing (somehow it just feels like more of an accomplishment, doesn’t it?) I’m curious to know–what is your process for hard copy editing? Do you read it once first and then mark it up or get right to making notes first thing?

    Happy editing!

    • Once I have a printed copy, I start marking it up right away! But I do let it sit for at least a month (between finishing typing and the first edit) before I come back to it.

      Thanks, Lauren! 🙂

  2. you always want to be careful and read the fine print on those POD things–couple of years ago CreateSpace had a little thing in their TOS where anything you print through them, they own.
    Don’t know if it’s still like that, but you always want to read that fine print!

    • YES. Very good advice. I had a Nano coupon for 5 free copies of a manuscript last year through CreateSpace and ended up not using it because of some such stipulation.

      I am posting this not specifically for you, but for anyone who might read your comment and wonder about the matter (this was on the Lulu legal page): “In the event that you post or upload to the Site in compliance with Section 2, or otherwise submit to or through Lulu as part of your use of the Site, any materials including, without limitation, text, photographs and other images, graphics, videos, visuals, sounds, data, files, links and other materials (collectively, “Content”), you will retain ownership of such Content.”

      The full legal policy is here if anyone wants to see it: http://www.lulu.com/about/legal

  3. That’s a really great idea! And it would work really well for when I need to distribute copies of my manuscript to assorted beta readers! I usually print off like 10 copies from Staples, but I’m actually pretty sure it would be cheaper to just get it done via Lulu. And it would even look like a real book! Love this idea!

    • My favorite part is that you can use your own cover design (including copy on the back), which makes it look even more official! I’ll post pics of my copy soon 🙂

      I wonder if it IS cheaper than printing via Staples? Would be good to know for future reference!

  4. I used Lulu to print myself a copy of my second novel. With shipping (and appropriate coupon code!) I only paid about $13 bucks. The problem I found was that I wanted to print a few more to circulate to early readers; I ordered three more copies but still had to pay a shipping cost for each…so $40 bucks for three more books did not sound like such a bargain in the end.
    Definitely a great service for printing out single copies though!

      • I haven’t, no. But I’d probably use Lulu again for my next novel, just to print one or two copies. It’s such an easy, user-friendly process and you maintain full control of everything.

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