Forum Friday: What has the Nano experience taught you?

Just one more day of November and the madness that is Nanowrimo!

Whether you’ve reached the magic 50,000 or not– whether it’s your first time doing Nano, your twenty-first, or you heard what Nanowrimo was and ran away screaming in terror– with every draft comes experiment, progress, and lessons.

So what did you learn? What has Nanowrimo taught you (this year, collectively, or otherwise)?


6 responses to “Forum Friday: What has the Nano experience taught you?”

  1. I’m still not a believer in establishing a word count. I write something each day. Some times it’s less than 500 words. Some days much more. Each day’s work contributes to my growth as a writer.

    What I think I could buy into would be a designated minimum time writing each day. I think total productivity and quality would be enhanced with that better than counting words.

    1. I think there are two camps of thought (and certain shades between them): writing by word count, and writing by time. It seems to me Nanowrimo is designed for people like me, who edit so heavily that, even given all the time in the world, they might never finish a first draft if not for the push of a daily word count.

      I like your idea, though! You should come up with/start a movement like Nanowrimo that is time-based.

  2. NaNoWriMo has taught me that I apparently do my best writing right when I wake up. It’s also taught me that writing is an excellent excuse not to do my real work, which has subsequently made my life very difficult, lol. Ahh, but it’s so fun!!!

    1. Well done! It’s so interesting to me that some writers write better in the morning, some at ridiculous hours of the night, and others in whatever 10 or 60 minute snatches they can grab.

      1. I actually did my best writing during university — in between classes, during lunch, whilst procrastinating on my essays, etc. Too bad I graduated. I mean, yay! Graduation! Ahem …

        1. Ahaha…yes…graduation…

          What is that saying? “If you want something done, ask a busy person”? Maybe this is also the case for getting writing done sometimes…

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