Forum Friday: Post a recent line of dialogue.

Hey guys! So, I know it’s a bit later than usual (Nanowrimo strikes again), but in the spirit of keeping things quick and interesting I thought I’d throw you another prompt:

Post a line of dialogue you wrote recently, and tell us what it’s from.

Also, if you’re participating in Nanowrimo and feel your story starting to slow, you might be interested in some of last week’s plot ninjas people came up with! Or feel free to contribute your own.

12 thoughts on “Forum Friday: Post a recent line of dialogue.

  1. ‘Stay! Do it again! Come back to bed, it’s early.’
    ‘Miranda it’s one o’clock. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.’
    ‘You don’t love me.’
    ‘Of course I don’t Miranda.’

  2. Oooh fun! Here’s the last line of dialogue I typed yesterday in my WIP:

    Avelyn blinked at them with mournful eyes. “Are you sure? You might wish to unsee it afterwards. I wish it every day.”

  3. Here is mine from my WIP
    “Ha like you can hurt this wall of steel! I can take anything you throw at me, including your small package of dynamite!”
    Of course I turned and punched him in the chest.

  4. Everything I’ve managed to produce in terms of dialogue lately just became insignificant and hollow due to a conversation I had in real life. I can’t quote it here as it’s too intimate and personal – let’s just say that there were tears on my part, relieved happy ones.

    Here’s a piece of dialogue I _can_ share:
    “Don’t make yourself seem dumber than you are, Hreidar,” his mother scolded him. “It is unbecoming a chieftain’s son.”

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