Writing is right for me because…

I’ve never really believed in “callings”: That a person could know beyond a doubt not just what they should do with their life, but what they were meant to do with it. Or that anyone even IS “meant” to do anything. I do, however, believe in passion…and call me crazy, but between the self doubt and manuscript-tearing there are moments when I feel with lightning conviction that I have found the thing that is right for me in writing.

Sometimes it’s as I’m researching (I love learning, and writing books is a great excuse to keep expanding your world); sometimes it’s when I make myself, or others, laugh; sometimes it’s when I realize I have stopped looking at the clock or my word count because I am totally immersed in the work.

Recently it was because I wrote a whole chapter of my WIP in just a few hours and when I stepped back to figure out why, I saw how much fun I was having: the day’s work had involved researching a famous painter, brainstorming literary innuendo and coming up with and auditioning a series of woefully bad pickup lines. I’m talking, like, nose-pinchingly, squirrel-meltingly bad. I plan to scrap all but one of them, and I still haven’t decided which to use, but I sure had a blast coming up with them.

Do what you love, and the work is its own reward.

8 thoughts on “Writing is right for me because…

  1. I love the feeling when you lose track of time because you are so immersed in creating a world. I haven’t been there in a long time but you never quite forget the feeling… btw you sound like a Wikipedia junkie 😉 That’s how I widdled my time away at work before I started blogging 🙂

    • LOL, wikipedia junkie. Wiki is king for fast facts, but usually when I’m *researching* something (for writing, that is) it goes beyond that. Like, often to actual books. Google, on the other hand…me and Google go waaaay back 😉

      Do you lose track of time when writing, too? Or doing something else– art? Playing an instrument?

      • That whole “please clear my google searches if I die” thing is legit– I google EVERYTHING. There is probably a disturbing psychological profile of me out there somewhere based on my google searches.

        I lose track of time while writing and while painting– painting less so, because I usually have an audiobook playing and it sort of marks the time. But with writing you can look up and 4 hours have passed. It’s magic.

        • Hahaha, WORD! Especially when you have to research dark/suspicious/crime-type things for your writing…

          And AH! I am just the same! I usually draw or collage rather than paint, but I always listen to something when I do 🙂

  2. I was writing along on my Pedersen’s Last Dream blog, recording some of the journeys that made it happen, when I was taken over by some thoughts of the time, and began what should be a new story based on observation. I think it might help some readers to understand the process of writing, and to not be afraid of basing fictional stories on reality.

    If you want to see what I mean, you can read it here: http://pedersenslastdream.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/taking-the-bus-to-a-nordic-ghost-town/

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