Forum Friday: Excitement and Despair

In a video a friend recently shared with me titled How To Be Creative, author Julie Burstein says “Creativity is a cycle of excitement and despair.” Certainly my own writing experience has been something of a roller coaster, but that might have more to do with a certain feeling of zipping and plunging inexpertly from one task to the next than having distinct ups and downs.

And yet, midway into my second novel and realizing how much work my first one still needs, I think I am beginning to appreciate Ms. Burstein’s wisdom.

Relative to the named cycle, what is your writing experience like? Do you relate? If so, how do you channel your despair back into positive creative energy?

Here’s the full clip, if you’re interested in watching:


2 thoughts on “Forum Friday: Excitement and Despair

  1. Julie you’re a proper writer, your heart is so in it. You’re bound to have highs and lows because it means so much to you. It’s easier for us wannabees I think – rather than despair we head off and do something else instead, then eventually wander back and pick up a pen again. Have a good weekend.

    • Thank you, Roy 🙂 I appreciate your thoughtful (if self-effacing) perspective! Did have some lovely R&R this weekend. The changes that seemed overwhelming before already seem more possible. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend, too!

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