Forum Friday: Do you have a literary bucket list?

If so, what’s on it? Writing fan letters to your favorite authors (or perhaps meeting them)? Visiting places from your favorite books, like the House on the Rock in American Gods (or the Harry Potter world in Universal Studios)? Going on a literary pilgrimage, or filling a library of your own with signed first editions?

A literary bucket list is something I’ve been meaning to sit down and commit to paper for a while now. Or at least brainstorm over. I think it’s always good to have dreams, and as a writer it could be especially nice to round out some of the Years Away, Distant Mountain goals like publication and viable authorhood with things you can cross off in a day. I’ll be interested to see what’s on other people’s lists! 🙂


3 responses to “Forum Friday: Do you have a literary bucket list?”

  1. Never really thought about it before, guess I better start! Haha. One thing I’ve always wanted would be a personal library, one with a hidden door that looks like a bookshelf that slides open if you pull the right book. Inside there would be a study, and skulls on the walls, and more bookshelves. Oh, and dragons. Got to have dragons.

    1. AGH, yes! Gotta have the secret-passage library! For some reason that makes me think of like a dozen movies: Clue, Indiana Jones… You know. Minus the dragon part.

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