Forum Friday: Conferences, Expos, and Book Fairs, Oh My!

When the stairs say this, you’re probably hanging out with the right people.

I recently signed up to volunteer at the book fair portion of a local writing festival and I am SO excited about it! Admittedly, of course, I haven’t been to anything that resembles a ‘Book Fair’ since grade school, when they used to send us home with those little flyers…

So what I am really curious about today are other people’s experiences at them. Not just book fairs, but conferences, expos, and any other writing- and reading-related shenanigans. Er– events.

Have you ever been to a writing conference? How about a book fair?

Tell us about it!

What was the event like? What was your favorite part? Drawing on your sage experience, is there any advice you would give to a first-time conference-goer or anything that you would have done differently (i.e., worn more comfortable shoes, brought business cards, etc.)?


10 responses to “Forum Friday: Conferences, Expos, and Book Fairs, Oh My!”

  1. Keep writing about literature. It’s a fine topic: “Dumas for dinner.”

  2. That sounds fun! I would say, bring a water bottle, wear sneakers, and bring any books you want signed if any authors you like will be there.

    1. Ah, WATER! A basic I hadn’t thought of. Good call.

  3. I went to a workshop last July. It was very intense, but I got a lot out of it. My favorite part was a session on writing memoirs led by a very wise and seasoned writer – Hank Nuwer. Mr. Nuwer offered much sage advice, beyond the standard “here’s what sells” pitch.

    I hope you have a wonderful time.

    1. I am so glad to hear that, Tony! A workshop like that sounds delightful and I hope I have the chance to experience something similar.

      Thanks for your response and good wishes!

  4. I’m not convinced one can be a literary omnivore by eating only the writing of Caucasian males.

  5. I will bring a pen to my next conference – that’s also my top tip.

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