Keep Calm and Query On


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  1. They are proof of your accomplishment! You wrote a thing that professional people are looking at and that is AWESOME. I read of an author who had their very first rejection framed, then when they got their first book repped and published had those documents framed, too. It was kind of awesome and I think that if I’m ever in that position, I’d want to do exactly that.

    There’s a perfect rep for your book out there somewhere, you just have to find them.

    • Thanks, Kate! That’s what I’ll keep telling myself until the magic happens 😉

      And I love the idea of framing “firsts”– first rejection letter, first paycheck, what have you. I have also read of authors getting creative with their rejection slips: making them mosaics, fertilizer, insulation. Stephen King used to impale his on a railroad spike. Less practical when it comes to email, of course.

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