Forum Friday: Learned in Reading

A writer is always learning, always improving his or her craft. And one of the first ways that we do this is through a well-rounded literary diet. We learn from what we consume!

So for today’s Forum Friday, I’m asking readers and writers: What is something you have recently learned (in terms of craft, grammar, story-telling, style, device, or any other literary element) from your reading? If you fancy, share the book and/or pages in which the revelation occurred!


9 thoughts on “Forum Friday: Learned in Reading

  1. I think many writers tend to forget that you can learn a lot about the craft of writing from Television shows, games, and movies as well. Often times after watching a movie in the theatre I’m so invigorated (if it’s a good movie) that I’ll stay up regardless of the time to write something out I thought of because of that movie.

    I personally was never much of a reader when I was younger, even now I read tons but not quite as much fiction. I have a back log of books of course TO read but at the same time I also have a backlog of TV shows to watch because you can get a lot from characterization and plot and learning to make your story flow.

    It’s because I grew up more on TV, movies, comics and games than books that much of my writing and novels read more like a play or scenes in a movie. In fact each chapter can often be paired down to ‘a scene’ occurring. As soon as I switch a scene I usually switch to a new chapter, except in some rare cases.

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