Doodle June 22

6-22-2013 art_0002
a Julieism

Sometimes a writer needs to get away from the screen and get out the markers.


10 responses to “Doodle June 22”

  1. I’m always inspired by people’s doodles (…wait) to draw something myself, but then I remember I can’t draw mid-way through trying to sketch and I get real sad. hahaha. I need some markers myself!

    1. What surprises me every time is that my favorite drawings, etc. are often the ones that I don’t attempt to plan: the mad, sprawling doodles themselves. That top one? The ice cream? That was me testing out different paint pens on some quick scratching that I hadn’t actually planed to use. But I liked the result!

      Anyways, my philosophy is that anybody can draw/doodle: you just have to let go! Trial and error…and embrace imperfection 😀 If you DO get some markers (and I hope you do), have fun with them, and then I hope you’ll share the results! 🙂

  2. Haha, I love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Glad you liked them! What good is creative mischief if you don’t obnoxiously put it where other people can see it, right? 😉

  3. I spent my entire college education doodling. I’d never tried to draw anything before in my life and now I’ve got this strange passion for it. I cover all of my boyfriend’s instrument cases in them with notebook paper and clear duct tape haha. Thanks for sharing these! Can’t wait to check out your illustrated projects in the future, they sound like exactly the kind of thing I would love.

    1. Laekan, that’s awesome! Doodle power! Do you have pictures of these epic instrument covers anywhere? (If not, you should post some! :))

      Thank you for your lovely compliment and encouragement, too. They are more inspiration to get Shifters out to agents and give more focus to The Good Karma Project, my present illustrated endeavor!

      1. Haha I haven’t thought about sharing them since they’re just scratched on some random notebook paper but maybe! I consider myself a total amateur but people sometimes mistake my textures and patterns for talent haha. Really doodling was just the only way I could retain any information during a lecture. But I really love illustrations which is why I’m so excited about what you’re working on–it sounds really unique. By the way, thanks for tweeting my birthday post! So glad you found it interesting!!

        1. I think doodling is like music: it fixes information in our minds in way that just hearing it or seeing it doesn’t. We engage with it differently? I don’t know. It works, though!

          And I certainly don’t think of myself as anything more than an amateur when it comes to art…but if I like something I’ve done, I figure other people might, too. Hopefully that is the case with The Good Karma Project.

          Thanks again for your encouragement, Laekan…and again you’re very welcome! I apply the same rule to other people’s work: if I like it, it’s worth sharing 😀

  4. Spooky. One of the many things I picked up at my weekend writers’ conference was the use of imagery, drawing, doodles etc as a means of releasing creativity in writing. Maybe you can do a Julie-style post on this sometime?

    1. That’s a great idea for a post (and I love that you said ‘Julie-style’ post. I have a style? Yay!).

      You know, I think I read something in The Guardian not that long ago about how many of its writers scribble doodles for similar reasons. I’ll have to track it down again.

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