Forum Friday: Dedications

Dedications. I’ve had one in the back of my mind for a while now, but now that I actually come to it I realize it’s something I’ve not given as much thought as it probably deserves. So for today’s writing-related Forum Friday, I want to open the floor to talk about book dedications. Some starter questions (cue the chance for links/self-promotion):

What do/would your dedications look like? Do you have any favorites you’ve read from other authors?

Take it away, guys! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Forum Friday: Dedications

  1. I’ve got one in mind for when I finish. I assume it’ll change a lot, but I thanked the usual. Parents etc and then I thanked all the musicians who I have playing when I write. Without them I’m not sure I’d be far into this book at all.

    • It’s hard to set the dedication in stone, isn’t it? Good call, though! Do you think you might separate your thanks out into both a dedication and an acknowledgments section?

  2. I’ve always imagined my first dedication going either to my best friend, who was the first one to ever listen to my crazy ramblings. Or it would go to the boy who inspired my writing in the first place.

    Either way, they’d go a little something like this:

    To Rachel, who was the first person to listen and stay to the ideas circling in my head.

    To first loves. I will never forget you and what you caused.

    The second one is cheesy and I don’t think the first could fully explain how much I appreciate Ray. Anyways, they could definitely be written better 😛

    • Emma, they’re great! Never underestimate the power of ‘cheesy’ 😉

      I absolutely understand wanting to get them right though, and feeling like so few words could never do justice to the gratitude/feelings you have towards those that made something possible. Ha, I can just imagine tons of authors opening their book in print for the first time, seeing the dedication and then going “What if I had written ______ instead? OH WELL, too late– it’s in print now!”

  3. I actually go with poetic dedications instead. Like they could literally be read as a poetry line rather than to any specific person, because if I want to thank someone there is a section for that beyond dedications in the back of a lot of books or you can always do it with signing the book.

    That doesn’t mean my poetic dedications aren’t focused on a person. Here are my first three, two more general and the other is very specific:

    The First:
    For all of those whom I have stolen
    and to those who have stolen me.
    You’ll always be in my heart.

    The Second:
    To the support and love every person
    should feel at least once in their life.
    There is no substitution for love.

    The Third:
    To the pixie with half a heart
    Without your other half
    This imp would be dead.


    The first one I had a tough time with, since I kept going back and forward with whom and who, since the sentence is a bit confusing in that front. It’s interesting that the dedication for the third one is somewhat dark, which is the dedication for a book that ends incredibly dark too.

  4. Excited for you Julie, but I’ve seen at least one writers’ hopes and dreams dashed this weekend already (at a writers’ conference) so I hope you’ll keep believing in yourself whatever might happen. It’s never crossed my mind to dedicate my work to anyone, which goes to show what a rotten person I am 😦

    • Oh yes, the writing conference! How exciting! Well…and intimidating, perhaps (what with the dream-dashing and such). I hope it is going well and has been a good experience besides!

      In the last week (and hours and hours of agent research: biographies, clients, interviews, etc.), I have seen many agents say in many ways 1) that writers should develop a thick skin/be prepared for rejection and 2) that the book-writing business can be a very, very subjective one– and what one person rejects, another may be over the moon for. At any rate, I’ll do my best to keep my chin up and remember your support! Thank you 🙂

      Re: dedications– I wouldn’t feel bad. As readers I think we generally pass right over them. At least, I know I have: that’s why I have to go back and look at them more closely now!

  5. I would dedicate my book to those magical early morning hours that invite my muse. My acknowledgments would be to my ex-husband who enabled me to start writing full-time and to my ancestors whose grace under fire paved a way for my existence.

    • A beautiful combination. I think few have thought to celebrate those magic hours of creation, though they are well deserving– and likewise I admire the motion to honor those that came before us 🙂

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