“One leg in”: The Julieism Dictionary’s First Entry

After a wonderful reader kindly observed that I’ve a tendency to fashion new words, I began more closely monitoring my expression so as to catch such plays in action. The result?

C’EST VRAI. I may not drop them at the rate a chocolate hen drops Cadburry eggs, but I drop ’em.

Me being the creative mischief-maker that I am, I naturally resolved to take note of such creations and flood the world share favorites on the Magnificent Allshare that is the internet. I’ve already established a “Julieisms” page on my author website, and will now periodically deposit these expressions there as well as here.

My first entry for the running theme I am calling The Julieism Dictionary is this:

Julieism - One Leg In

one leg in /wʌn lɛg ɪn/ adj. 1. half complete; having started, but being perpetually far from finishing something, usually a project 2. having only the first leg into one’s trousers

More nonsense is in the making– follow the excitement and corrupt expand your lexicon today!

9 thoughts on ““One leg in”: The Julieism Dictionary’s First Entry

  1. Funny, for a while I was debating a similar thing with all the euphemisms and phrases I tend to spin randomly, especially in my writing.

    A reader of mine noticed I like to use words for a different meaning than they actually are supposed to be, giving them entirely new meanings that generally I only end up deciphering.

    Luckily then I also have other phrases like ‘What the Fey’ that is pretty obvious. haha.

    I really like this idea though!

    • Oh yes, Jordan, I remember when I was beta reading for you how whimsical (and perfectly natural!) those phrases were! ‘What the fey’ is great, and I also really liked ‘Well once upon my time!’ (That’s what it was, right??) It would be awesome to compile a list of expressions you coined for your Folktale series! (And it might also make a good post/teaser for generating interest or just something to display on a website?)

      Would love to hear about some of your expressions outside the books. Other upcoming posts, perhaps? 🙂

  2. Brilliant! I love the idea of your own dictionary. As for the first entry, a good, strong definition. 😉

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