Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse III

—–The Resulting Poem from Friday’s Round of Linked Freeverse—-

Awaking to the owl and the moon
An inflatable monk slit his throat –
the air poured out and soon
was a lifeless coat.

Tony Espino, you’re a star! Thanks for contributing not just today but all week. Give it up lads, and check out this poet’s eponymous blog and his book, Orphan of Reality!

If you heard the phrase,

Awaking to the owl and the moon

what would you say next?

Now’s your chance! This week at The Read Room we are writing poems by playing off of one another’s comments.

To play today’s round of Linked Freeverse, you needn’t rhyme or even make sense– just write something to follow the comment of the person before you!

At the end of the day, I’ll compile everyone’s lines and post the full composition. Check out Monday’s and Wednesday’s rounds of Linked Freeverse for inspiration 🙂

8 thoughts on “Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse III

  1. This really is good … very good indeed!

    On the other matter, I would like you know that I have just nominated you for ‘The Word Press Family Award’. If you choose to participate all the ‘rules and regulations’ are to be find here: http://wp.me/p2v1s2-Q5

    All the Best,

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