Write The Next Line! – Linked Freeverse

——-The resulting poem from Monday’s round of Linked Freeverse—–

A raindrop struck my cheek
then slipped and fell away
my head exploded cake

I’m just assuming that if a head exploded cake, it would be pretty colorful.


Thank you Laura Hogan and Tony Espino for playing! This round was only a few lines, but my, what a turn! Laura, your line was lyrical and elegant, and Tony, yours made me laugh aloud! I’m putting up another prompt tomorrow– feel free to play again 🙂


Hullo poets, bloggers, wordies–

As part of my National Poetry Month practice, this week I am hosting a series of interactive poetry in which YOU, the readers, are also the writers! See the full week’s prompts here.

Today’s prompt is Linked Freeverse. Simply write the line that comes after the comment of the person before you. At the end of the day, I’ll compile everyone’s lines and post the full composition.


  • Play off the line (comment) before you
  • Freeverse means FREESTYLE! Do what you will with punctuation, rhyme, coherence, etc. Stop mid-sentence if you want to; repeat a line if you want to; make every other word SOCKS if you want to!
  • Contribute once or as many times as you like
  • Have fun!!!

A potential starter line (first commenter may use or discard):

A raindrop struck my cheek

Ready? Write away!

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