Forum Friday: If you could be ANY fictional character…

Today’s Forum Friday is for fun: if you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

Some considerations:

Lord Henry Wotton

Drops aphorisms like hot potatoes

Harry Potter

Uhhh…accio sundae!!!
Plus: be a Cheshire cat!

Artemis Fowl



Dorian Gray

Forever young and beautiful…don’t mind the rotting soul in the attic!


Holden Caulfield

Shoot the crap and call the phonies.

Katniss Everdeen


David Rice


Elizabeth Bennet

Witty, pretty, loved by all & RICH (via almostwritten)

Hermione Granger

The witch with all the answers (via a girl who reads)

James Bond

Posh, pissed, and privileged with super-cars despite inability to drive (via DrFrood)

Open to all genres, literary and non. Chime in, and let’s have fun with this– I’d be glad to post more pics and captions 🙂


24 responses to “Forum Friday: If you could be ANY fictional character…”

  1. Elisabeth Bennett! She’s witty, pretty, loved by all and she ends up rich!

    1. Of course! How did I miss her?? *Adding*

  2. Hermione Granger. It must be fun knowing all the answers all of the time.

  3. Tough question. I was inspired by Holden Caulfield, certainly, but I wouldn’t want to be him. I’m scanning my mind for Biblical characters, but many of them endure much persecution (and I’m basically a wimp). Still, I’m going to say Job. Though he was swallowed by a fish, he got a second chance to fulfill his mission. In the end, he pouts because he hates it that people he doesn’t like also get a second chance, but I like to think he comes around eventually. Maybe one day I’ll write a postscript.

    1. Ah. A character of biblical proportions!

  4. James Bond – he’s a drunk and a (former) chain smoker who’s a total priss about his food (From Russia With Love – he should’ve known that whatsisface was a wrong ‘un when he ordered red wine with the fish. How positively ghastly).

    He doesn’t appear to understand his job description (discretion being pretty paramount).

    And yet despite being clearly unfit for any sort of government work he’s their top spy and they keep giving him pretty cars even though he breaks them.

    Oh, so he’s also a terrible driver.

    Despite this he gets to wear nice clothes, eat nice food (in excessive quantities), his travel is free and he gets to stay in the best hotels and go to the best parties. And his employers are, like, totally relaxed about his essential incompetence.

    And he got to snog Barbara Bach, too.

    That’s who I’d choose.

    1. Ah! Interesting! I’ve never looked at the novels from which the popular icon originates. Thanks for your detailed answer! Let me see if I can shorten all that to a caption… *rubs hands together*

      1. May I suggest:

        James Bond: he’s a drunk and sometimes he hits women, but at least he’s crap at his job.

        1. I posted one just before reading this, but this also amused me. Thanks again for your answer!

  5. I meant to write “Jonah” above. Not Job. Please, not Job.

    1. I’m not a perfect scholar when it comes to the bible, but I didn’t recall Job in a whale 😉 Thanks for the correction.

  6. Definitely Hermione. I never understood why no one else at that school studied. If I got the chance to learn magic, I’d spend my entire life in the library learning new spells and practising them! Sheesh.

    1. Seriously! What was everybody else at Hogwarts doing– swapping chocolate frog cards and joy-riding brooms??

      1. And getting murdered by the unnecessarily dangerous stuff EVERYWHERE at Hogwarts. Vanishing cabinets, death spiders in the woods, giant trees that whomp people … yikes. It’s a wonder they had any kids around to graduate by the end of seventh year.

  7. Light Yagami or Randall Flagg
    Heh, that’d be awesome.

  8. Definitely Elizabeth Bennet. She is my favourite character anyway and I believe she has shaped me a lot.

    1. Another vote for Elizabeth! Thanks for your answer 🙂

  9. Lyra Belacqua from the His Dark Materials trilogy!

    1. AHHH, I have yet to read those!!!

      1. Oooh, definitely read them! The Subtle Knife is SO COOL and The Amber Spyglass was the first book to make me cry. I haven’t read them in like 12 years, but I’m planning to reread them at some point.

  10. I really like this one, Julie! Kind of a fun, laid back post! I want to do this same topic one day! ❤

    1. Heh heh, I certainly had fun with it 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. And please do– it’s a timeless (and entertaining!) topic, and as more great books come out we’ll have ever more characters to choose from!

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