Forum Friday: How are you celebrating National Poetry Month?

Happy Friday! We’re almost a week into April, and for poetry that means great things. Although National Poetry Month is an American observance, you certainly need not be American to observe it. In fact, one of the things that inspired me to make this the topic of today’s Forum Friday is the sheer band of awesome things I’ve seen done here on WordPress by poets around the world in the last several days.

Some bloggers are writing a poem a day (some do this every day of the year!); some are sharing their favorite poems; some are following prompts put out by brilliant organizations.

I, too, am observing NaPoMo, but with a different practice each week: reading, transcriptions, blackout poems, and (hopefully) interactive poetry done with other bloggers and tweeters. (If interested in the latter, be sure to check back here in a couple weeks when I post prompts!)

But enough about that. I asked because I want to know, how are you celebrating National Poetry Month? Let’s swap ideas! Feel free also to tell us whether this is your first time celebrating NaPoMo or what you’ve done in the past, what you’ve enjoyed most, etc.

Cheers, and a laugh for those that have read Billy Collins’ “Introduction to Poetry” (if you haven’t, read it now– it addresses that certain fear that first time poetry-readers/writers often have):


One response to “Forum Friday: How are you celebrating National Poetry Month?”

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