3 Words: Mummer, Antiphonic, Valise – Featuring JEDWARD!

Today’s edition 3 Words of the Day is special for two reasons:

  1. Contains Jedward (incidentally, you have been warned)
  2. 3 Words of the Day is going on hiatus during the course of April for National Poetry Month. Make way for the poetry– and be sure to come back and visit, as I’ll be orchestrating interactive poetry activities!

Right, then. Here are your words:

mummer: a person who wears a mask or fantastic costume in traditional masked mime

antiphonic: resembling alternate/response singing by a choir in two parts

valise: a small traveling bag or suitcase

And sentences:

1. Might a mummy be a mummer, or must a mummer be a mime?

2. Jedward are my absolute favorite annoying antiphonic duo. When they’re not finishing one another’s sentences and competing to squeeze in the last word, they’re being told to kindly SHUT UP!!! (See clips below.)

3. Wow. Those sentences (and Jedward) were so offensively awful that I must now pack my valise and pretend I was never here. Three sentences? What three sentences? I have no idea what you’re talking about. LOOK, WHAT’S THAT?

GASP! IT’S JEDWARD! Well, since you’re still here, why not enjoy a complimentary performance? They sing better than they interview. …And dress. …And groom.

2 thoughts on “3 Words: Mummer, Antiphonic, Valise – Featuring JEDWARD!

    • It’s crazy, but the more I study French, the more I’m realizing how many English words are adapted from it! (Though admittedly, valise is one of those rarer cases where the word is actually the same!)

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