3 Words: Anisette, Compendium, Dander

Happy Saturday! Today’s three words come with un petit flourish Français.

anisette: a liqueur flavored with aniseed (with a taste similar to licorice)

compendium: a collection of things/information, systematically gathered

dander: (in the story in which it appeared) anger or temper

1. L’anisette a l’air délicieuse. Est-ce que vous la recommandez? Bon, alors je vais prendre un verre s’il vous plait.

2. All of the files, images, research and print-outs I’ve made in the course of writing a book make one heaping, haphazard compendium.

3. Apparently “getting one’s dander up,” while referring literally to dandruff (as in hackles), is synonymous with anger or losing one’s temper.

Better sentences? Leave ’em here! I wrote these late at night and I know there are more creative things to be done…

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