3 Words: Furtive, Owlish, Longhair

Three fun words to start your Friday off with a laugh (see illustrated sentences below):

furtive: attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically due to guilt or fear of discovery; nervous for guilt

owlish: resembling an owl; appearing wise or solemn

longhair: a person with long hair or characteristics of those associated with it: hippies, intellectuals. Also (what!) a devotee of classic music.

1. Is there anything more furtive than a group of priests wandering lost in the lingerie department?

2. Person A: “Do these big glasses make me look owlish?”

Person B: “No, but they make you look Woody Allen-ish.”

Ba-dum PSH.

3. Get a job, you vegetarian, soc-majoring, philosophizing, Bach-loving longhair!*

*Not intended to offend any unemployed vegetarian soc major philosopher Bach fans

**One day, the Mr. Aliens meme will get old. That day is not today.


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