3 Words: Rubicund, Venerable, Enjoin

Your daily three-word omelet, containing two parts of speech and high in fiber:

rubicund: having a ruddy (healthy red) complexion

venerable: accorded great respect due to age, wisdom, character, status, etc.

enjoin: to instruct or urge someone to do something

Add a dash of context:

1. If thirsty senator Marco Rubio wasn’t rubicund during the televised Republican State of the Union response, you can bet he was when he saw The Daily Show make fun of him.

2. Make way for the venerable Princess Oreo!

“A glass of milk, please, Gerald.”

3. Mrs. Piegrande enjoined her husband not to participate in no-shave November, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

“But David, it’s hunting season!”


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