3 Words: Upheaval, Flippant, Razzing

Three words to get your Tuesday rolling (or huffing and puffing– as these words reek of drama!):

upheaval: a violent or sudden change in/disruption of something

flippant: not showing a sincere/respectful attitude; lacking in due seriousness

to razz (rhymes with JAZZ)/razzing: to mock or tease; teasing or derision

The sentences (feel free to enter your own below!):

1. Oh man– when Regina not only did not wear pink that Wednesday but sat at the Plastics table in sweat pants, there was a tangible upheaval in the general ambiance.

2.What do you mean, flippant? Can’t a man dance on a famous composer’s grave and listen to the historical tour guide at the same time?

3. Many friends bond via razzing and tasteful terms of endearment.


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