3 Words: Carom, Hoss Thief, Spurn

Things are about to get spicy.

Today’s vocabulary is two-alarm and comes with a side of habanero.

carom: a shot in billiards where the cue ball strikes two balls successively; to strike and rebound

hoss thief: “hoss” as in Old West for “horse”. Used as a term of endearment in the story in which I found it: “you mangy old son of a hoss thief.”

spurn: to reject with disdain; to despise

We’ve got the meat—let’s add Tabasco and call it lunch.

1. A duel of wit (or insults) starts with a smart, returns with a slap, and rejoins with a whopping knock. But the best and most lethal move is the carom that plays off and one-two punch/annihilates all that has been said.

2. I ever see that yowlin’ hoss thief o-gin, I give’m the what-for.

3. Mindy Jean spurned broccoli as fiercely as her cat spurned bubble bath.

The spice not to your liking? Throw down a few sentences of your own and check out the menu (fresh vocab) tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “3 Words: Carom, Hoss Thief, Spurn

  1. A woman spurned is a dangerous thing to risk.

    Her screams caromed off the walls when she discovered his deceit.

    The sheriff shook his head when the old hoss-trader drew his gun.

    Hey, this was fun!.

  2. “A man limped by the other day, saying that his horse had spurned him, which did not surprise me since I spurned the man as well, although not enough to kick him.”

    Another long sentence! ^^ Tried getting the archaic meaning in there as well.

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