3 Words: Mackinaw, Peat & Liturgy

Three words of the day, pulled from various short stories:

Mackinaw coat: refers to a heavy and dense woolen water-repellant cloth

peat: a brown, soil-like substance made of decomposed vegetable matter

liturgy: an official list according to which religious worship is conducted

The sentences:

1. Love that distinct, classic color of Mackinaw coats. What is it called: detective? Coffee stain? Camel turd?

2. PEAT! Perhaps that’s it.

3. The sisters watched The Princess Bride so often that various lines– including the rhymes between Fezzik, Inigo and Vizzini– became a liturgy of sorts. Whenever one started “Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?” the other responded, “If there are, we’ll all be dead!” and “No more rhymes now, I mean it!” was invariably answered with, “Anybody want a peanut?”


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