3 Words: Stenographer, Avowal, Fakir

When your three words of the day are comme ci comme ça (that’s so-so in French– a bonus word for you!) what do you do?


The words:

stenographer: one who transcribes speech, especially in shorthand (as in a courtroom)

avowal:  open acknowledgment, confession, or assertion of a truth

fakir: a Muslim or Hindu religious idealist who lives solely on alms

The sentences:

1. I envy stenographers: shorthand must free up so much time! I’ll bet they’re so ahead of the game that they even get bored and doodle to fill the gaps. Here’s what I imagine court case notes to look like:

Notes notes notes

Starting to get bored…


Maybe I should switch to decaf.

2. After the bored stenographer’s avowal that the stack of doodles in the courtroom were his, he was offered a scholarship to art school.

3. Whew, thought the ex-stenographer. For a moment there I thought I was out of a job and would have to become a fakir or something! With this economy…

Well folks, after those three sentences I can honestly say I think they went downhill. Please, write in with better ones! 🙂


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