3 Words: Skirl, Copain, Dais

My three words of the day are these:

skirl: (n.) a shrill wailing sound; (v.) to produce a shrill wailing sound (often said of bagpipes)

copain: (French) buddy/mate

dais: a throne, platform, or seat of honor

Trial sentences follow. Today I’m breaking the rules and busting out dialogue and French, ’cause I’m a writer and Francophone and I can. Also, I need to practice my French.

1. Person A: “What is that infernal skirling?”

Person B: “Kid upstairs got a recorder.”

Person A: “Is he trying to play it or blow his nose with it?”

2. Après ce tapage horrible, mon copain et moi sortons pour un verre.

3. His science teacher stood on a platform, but it was no dais: he used it in order to reach the whiteboard.

Really– I can barely reach the top shelf, myself!

Any other sentences, readers? 🙂


9 thoughts on “3 Words: Skirl, Copain, Dais

  1. Hahaha @ the short people pic. Don’t worry, being tall just means you’re more likely to bang your head on things, no fun. Skirling is going to be a fun word to use today! 😀

    • Hehe…it gave me a laugh, too! And true– there is probably no ideal height (even average people wish they were a little shorter or taller sometimes, right?)

      Have fun with skirling and feel free to share your usage here! 🙂

  2. I love the short people pic. I’m 6’2 and have always wanted to be 6’5. Those 3 inches are the difference between me dunking and not. Darn it!

    I was skirling whilst upon the dais…… 😉

    Oh and young lady, I tagged you in a post I believe yesterday, if you didn’t get my pingback. Check it out, it is fun.

    • Oh man, when you’re only FIVE FOOT something, three inches would make worlds of difference!

      Thank you for your sentence and for passing along the award…I will check it out!

  3. The fact that I laughed at the short people pictuer makes me feel rather bad. I’m not short in any way. around 6’7. ^^’
    – She insisted on calling the gem-studded, gilded monstrosity a dais since calling it a throne still made the young queen, who still had not fully grown into her power, uneasy. (I have trouble writing short sentences.,, haha).

    • Long sentences are lyrical and lovely…and laced with alliteration (sometimes). 🙂

      Thanks for your sentence and I’m glad the pic made you laugh! (But 6’7?? Yow, that’s a least a foot on me!)

      • Hmm, maybe it’s closer to 6’6, I’m not all that sure on the meter to feet convertion rate. About 2 meter anyhow! ^^’ I*ve always been tall, I only stopped growing a few years ago (thank the gods…)

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