Three Little Words: A Practice

Quad erat demonstrandum. What were you thinking– ‘I love you?’ Psssh. Cliché.

Today, after a long hiatus, I am jumping into a vocabulary practice I’ve had prepared and sitting on my shelf for at least a month now and simply forgot about. Isn’t it awful how the the littlest things get away from us? Julieism #1: “I’ve got to start living by the book again,” (book meaning planner. I’m a writer: I live by the pen. If it is written, so it shall be).

Anyways, this is a practice based off the 100+ new words culled in the month of January, when I read a short story every day. I typed up a list of those 100+ words and their definitions, printed it, cut the words up, put them in a jar, and now I will draw three words daily (ideally) and attempt to make sentences with them. I’ll post the sentences (and the words and definitions) here.

So! Here is round number one. Words first:

Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum: translates as “which was to be demonstrated,” and is a formal way of ending a mathematical, logical or physical proof. [reminds me of ‘I rest my case,’ but different]

deign: to do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity [reminds me of ‘stoop’]

hermetic: (of a seal) airtight


1. No food is safe from The Vacuum: not even a dessert somebody else is eating. See girlfriend’s rage. Q.E.D.

2. The royal wouldn’t deign to open her own carriage door (insufferable!), so when the footmen went on strike she was left high and mighty and trapped in her transport.

3. Let’s hope those carriage windows weren’t hermetic. It was a whopper hot day, to boot!

Alright– that’s a start, then! Feel free to play along. I welcome better sentences than the three I contrived above.


2 thoughts on “Three Little Words: A Practice

  1. I would never deign to write a better sentence than you my dear! 😉 Did I do it right? heh heh heh Speaking of awesome things, when is the McBunterbeans story being published?

    • Hahaha, you may have just!

      Thanks for asking about McB. I should be getting the final word within a month whether or not the lit mag will use ‘The Bet’, the story in which he appears, in their next issue. Right now they are ‘holding onto’ it. Fingers crossed 🙂

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